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Version 2.0.4 released

· 2 min read
Simon Errington

The initial development of Routegadget 2 in 2013 was meant to be a prototype as a proof of concept. Ten years later I have finally got there and managed to throw away the prototype code. This version has been work in progress for about two years and has made appearances on various sites (HH, British Champs and the JK amongst others) over the past year, but it has now been rolled out to all sites.

This release does not have a great deal of new functionality, but does include:

  • Cleaner design and layout, especially for smaller screens.
  • Enhanced statistics display with better presentation of tables and charts.
  • User-selectable colours for displayed routes.
  • Various minor error corrections and enhancements.

For the technically minded the main changes behind the scenes are:

  • Full rewrite of the front end sticking largely with vanilla javascript. I got as far as a working version in React but it just felt too complicated.
  • Bootstrap for styling and UI components. I looked at all sorts of other options but this turned out to be the most sensible.
  • Build process migrated to use Vite, and hence Rollup, meaning that the whole build process is quicker and more robust.
  • Integrated end to end testing using Cypress, including full coverage analysis of the front-end javascript: currently over 93% of statements and 85% of branches are covered. This has already stopped me releasing something that was very broken