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Routegadget History

· One min read
Simon Errington

Routegadget was originally developed by Jarkko Ryyppö in Finland in 2004 (or maybe even slightly earlier). It used Java, which ran as a separate application within your browser. Java has become a major security risk and many people are now unable to run it on their computer because of security concerns.

The obvious solution was to redevelop Routegadget using modern techniques such as HTML5 and Javascript. Following discussions between Paul Frost and Simon Errington, Simon produced a prototype in November 2013 that demonstrated this was possible whilst retaining the original data file formats. This prototype evolved to become Routegadget 2 (RG2). RG2 is open source software, and you can download the code for yourself from the RG2 Github repository.

In early 2014 Jarkko released his own Javascript implementation. Details can be found on the Routegadget website.

Both implementations are still under continuing development. The file formats remain compatible, and indeed some clubs have both versions installed.