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About Routegadget UK

· One min read
Simon Errington

Routegadget UK was set up by Paul Frost in 2005. In Paul's words:

11 years ago I discovered RouteGadget, developed by Jarkko Ryyppö from Finland, and installed it on the EckO and Southdowns websites. People started asking me how they could do the same for their club, but many lacked the technical skills or the access to their server. So 10 years ago I launched RouteGadget UK as an option for those clubs who needed help setting it up.

The site has grown so that there are now nearly 100 clubs using it. Routegadget itself has evolved, mainly because of security issues with the java language used for the original implementation. In 2013 Paul managed to convince Simon Errington that a new version was needed, and this emerged as Routegadget 2 which uses modern browser techniques and is largely implemented in javascript.

Paul eventually stepped aside at the end of 2016, and the site is now run by Simon. If you are a British orienteering club that doesn't already use Routegadget but would like to then contact Simon to discuss what is involved.