RouteGadget 2

RG2 screenshotSimon Errington (Happy Herts) has developed a new version of RouteGadget (RG2) that uses the newer HTML5/Javascript methods to work rather than the old/original Java browser application, which newer computer operating systems don’t allow to run due to security risks.
RouteGadget 2 is now installed on all RG UK club accounts, you can use it with all the existing events already uploaded.

RG2 User Guide and resources now available

Quick guide to plotting a route

History of RouteGadget

Jarkko Ryyppö was the developer of the original RG that has been in use for many years. This original RG used Java (not related to Javascript), which ran as a separate application within your browser. Java has been used to hack into computers and is now considered a security risk because it allows access to bits of your computer that allow it to infect it. RG itself wasn’t a security risk, but because the Java language it is written in is used by the bad guys, newer computers/operating systems have been gradually restricting its ability to run.

November 2013; Simon Errington released a new version of RG that would use more modern web standards (HTML5/Javascript) rather than Java, this became known as RG2. It was still a work in progress and so for a while it was only available as an optional choice on a few club sites.

Late January 2014; Jarkko announced an updated version of the original RG that didn’t use Java. He didn’t give it a different name or version number, but sometimes refered to as RGJS (the js referring to javascript) or RouteGadget js and sometimes Java-free Routegadget.
After consultation with Jarkko & Simon I decided that RG UK would continue with the move to Simon’s RG2. It was focussed on the needs of the UK audience and was further down the road of being a reliable replacement for the old/original Java based RG. Simon is also able to constantly update every separate club installation to the latest version, which saves me a lot of work.

February 2014; RG2 was deemed reliable enough to make it available to every club that uses RG UK. Clubs could choose which version they linked to for their events.

May 2014; the choice caused some confusion to users who didn’t understand the technicalities of the choice. There were also a lot of existing links to the old/original version that couldn’t easily be updated by every individual club. So the decision was taken to set up redirection on the server, so that all requests/links to the original url’s would go to the new RG2 version.

Jarkko’s new Java free version

This has many new features and options is available from his website he also has a Facebook page with news, info and videos.
I do not plan to support this version on RG UK, the extra workload and potential confusion over which one does what would be too much. Individual clubs are free to install it if they want, but I can’t offer any support/help with any issues.

Does RG2 work on phones and tablets


Can I still access the old Java based RG?

Not on RG UK.

The problem is that there are so many links to RG individual events across hundreds of websites that point to the old/original RG. The issues with Java were causing so many people being unable to use it that we had to make a decision. So automatic redirection of all requests to the server were created to point everyone to RG2. This will prevent you getting to any of the old RG addresses.

Whilst there will be some people using very old browsers that may have a problem running RG2 there are significantly more people that can’t run Java and RG1.

It’s relatively simple to update your browser or instal another one like Chrome or Firefox to get RG2 to work, but it’s often impossible to allow newer computers to run Java, and tablets and phones will never run Java/RG1.

I appreciate that some people on work computers may be stuck on an ancient version of Windows and unable to instal any new browsers due to corporate control, but I find it hard to believe that those people do not have access to another computer or other device.

Latest news and how to get the files to instal on your own server

Simon has a Github account where you can read about the latest version and download the files to instal on your own server.
All the RG UK clubs accounts get updated automatically with the latest version.

Are there problems?

RG2 is heavily reliant on Javascript to work and that’s why it works better than the old/original Java based version on newer machines. Javascript is what has been driving the increased dynamism of the web in recent years, it allows the redrawing/updating of the page content without re-loading the page (think of the drag/zoom way we use Google maps). It works best on more recent versions of all browsers, which are constantly speeding up the processing and execution of Javascript.

How do I know if my problem is unique?

Read what issues have already been reported (and fixed) here.

Internet Explorer issues?

From a Nopesport post by Snail
Problem: Having upgraded to IE11 I still just see a blank white screen beneath the RouteGadget2 header, when I click on the routegadget link for a specific day.
Answer: IE9 has Tracking Protection. I didn’t think I had this enabled, as under ‘Tools’ in the menu bar it still offers the “Turn On Tracking Protection” option. But under ‘Tools’ ‘Manage add ons’ there is a ‘Tracking Protection’ add-on type which had a “Your Personalised List” enabled. (Not sure if this is a default, or if I have triggered it in the past and it was automatically enabled on upgrading to IE9). This list was preventing access to (amongst many others) ‘jquery.min.js’ and ‘jquery.-ui.min.js’ from ‘’. Unblocking these two lets RG work (or at least display maps etc - I haven’t yet tried adding routes).