RouteGadget 2

RG2 screenshotSimon Errington (Happy Herts) has developed a new version of RouteGadget that uses the newer HTML5/Javascript methods to work rather than the old Java browser application, which newer computer operating systems don’t allow to run due to security risks.
RouteGadget 2 is now installed on all RG UK club accounts, you can use it with all the existing events already uploaded. Replace “club” with the same abbreviation currently being used:

Clubs using RouteGadget UK

Full list of clubs that are using RouteGadget UK and linked to the new RouteGadget 2.

Java problems, Jan 2014

The latest update to Java has introduced a requirement that all Java browser applets have to be “Signed”. This is to tighten up the security of running Java in a browser, which has been getting a reputation as a security risk.
RouteGadget runs as a Java applet in your browser, so if you have recently updated Java you will not be able to use RouteGadget unless you take some steps to allow it.

RouteGadget 2 tutorials

Some quick screencasts showing how to add routes using the new RouteGadget 2.
Plot a route manually
Upload a GPS track using a gpx file

What is RouteGadget

Screen shotDescribed by its developer, Jarkko Ryyppö, as a “Web utility for drawing and comparing orienteering routes”.
This allows competitors to draw and compare their routes. RouteGadget not only shows the routes, it allows the race to be replayed, even simulating a mass start. You will actually see little squares move across the map. It really adds another dimension to post-race analysis.

How to view routes

RouteGadget is quite intuitive and easy to use. It has its own set of instructions, but here’s a short summary to give you a quick start:

How to draw a route

A quick guide on how to add your own route for an event you competed in.

RouteGadget option for your club?

Following numerous requests from clubs wanting to use RouteGadget but unable to, due to hosting restrictions or lack of computing/web skills, I set up RouteGadget UK.

Using for Training sessions

This user guide shows you how to use RouteGadget for training sessions when you don’t have electronic splits or course files.
Training gadgets user guide Jan 2010
and how to set up such a gadget, Create events without electronic timing.pdf

Create events without electronic timing

A guide for how to set up an event in RouteGadget when you don’t have any results from electronic timing.

Can it be used for Coaching?

Quote from Nick Barrable: “You could certainly do so much more feedback and coaching back in the warm and dry by the PC, especially with developing athletes”.

Out of bounds, crossings, uncrossable etc.

These things are often part of the overprint (purple bits) along with the course and are not on the OCAD map file that is used for the background map in RouteGadget. So are not visible when someone is looking at routes etc.